Is met with commitment to:

  • Meeting business requirements and commercial reality/return.
  • Achieving or exceeding critical success factors.
  • Setting targets that are both challenging and achievable.
  • Delivering projects on time and on budget.
  • Information imperative delivery.
  • 110% service 110% of the time.

Please feel free to request a presentation or access to an online overview of our scalable IT methodology.

  • Web Development

Often a businesses first web presence, be it static or dynamic provides them with an impressive presence, regardless of motivation.

A Static presence provides fast, simple and direct access to content and encourages or accommodates the desire to click again. Stimulus has considerable experience in designing interfaces that ensure information is easilly accesible.

A dynamic web presence will enable the user experience to be personalised, i.e. build a shopping basket, manage a stock portfolio or view specific products. Stimulus understands how to utilise a database to its full potential, it is after all the tool that drives a dynamic web site. Combined with our interface design skills we can offer the complete dynamic web site solution.

  • Web Development (E-Commerce)

e-Commerce: The provision of a system(s) that facilitates the sale or exchange of commodities, in real time, externally. Not hard to explain, more difficult to programme, just another application for us.

Ultimately, business thrives through difference or advantage. Stimulus believes that e-Commerce has finally, truly arrived. If you're offering a product people now look for the "Buy Now" button. If they don't want to buy they want to know how they secure the purchase, how you deliver the product or how you protect their identity. They do this somewhere between "Go back" and "Confirm".

Stimulus believes that advanced technology will make the difference, safe, secure transactions hand in hand with intuitive user interaction provides for a unique user experience. Informative, financial and statistical reporting round off Stimulus’ e-commerce product offering.

  • Web Development (E-Business)

e-Business: Web enabled, processing, accounting, Information farming, Back testing, Timekeeping, Project management, Human Resource Management, Banking, Ordering, Distributing and Billing, just to name a few

e-Business is essentially up to you. What is it you want to track? What information do you need? How should this information interact? Can I make this information easy to predict? Can I make it interpret? Will my employees be able to use it? Stimulus can share its valuable experience and significant intellectual property to help you answer these questions and put concepts into service.

  • Web Development (Integration)

Stimulus can integrate any product. Stimulus will deliver as the Prime Vendor, System Integrator (SI), Third Party or in support as a Product Seller. We rely on the Stimulus Systems Integration Division (SSID) to provide a solution to business initiatives. Fundamentally answering a business requirement and/or devising a way to improve our product offering will ensure the most efficient and cost effective solution.

The Following services are provided by the SSD (Stimulus Support Division), Stimulus supports the service and delivery of the following technologies:

  • NT, Win98, Win2000, WinME
  • Citrix,
  • MAC OSx.x,
  • LAN, WAN, VPN, Remote Access and Remote Sites
  • (Organisational) Proxy, Web, Firewall, MS Exchange, SMTP, ISDN, ASDL
  • UPS, Server, Desktop, Printer, Laptop and Wireless Communications
  • Cabling, Voice, Data and phones
  • Hubs, Routers and Switches
  • Cabinets, Patch Panels and Electrical

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