• Uphold the highest standard of personal and professional conduct in our dealings with both principals and clients.
  • Maintain confidentiality of privileged information entrusted to us by our clients.
  • Acknowledge that business success provides for our future and relies on continuous improvement in everything we do.
  • Apply ingenuity and creativeness to problems and persevere in the face of obstacles

"Stimulus belongs to its employees…."
Each Stimulus employee owns a share in the company. Stimulus provides the vehicle that most senior IT professionals search their entire careers to realise - equity ownership. Stimulus chooses its owners carefully; this is both a benefit and motivation that is shared by our clients.

"Stimulus does it better…." We do. Stimulus combines a deliberate blend of business support, development, peer review, integration and management. We do this because these qualities are complimentary; it is why we identify, why we learn, why we adapt and why we understand our clients needs.

A potential buyer of our services could be any corporate identity in any sector requiring expertise in the implementation and support of infrastructure, software development, web development and project management.

Our potential clients will require one or all of the following:

  • A Consultant
  • An Outsourcer
  • A Support Group
  • A Development Team
  • A Product

Stimulus has three integral arms:

Stimulus Support Division (SSD) our core belief is that there is a difference between supporting the business and supporting IT. SSD keeps Stimulus both in check and abreast of business requirement and frustration so that we can provide valuable knowledge, dedication and above all immediate response.

The Stimulus Support Division offers a unique, intuitive and aggressive approach to supporting business. Within this successful design our clients help themselves while confidently relying on the SSD for business continuity. This constitutes Stimulus' commitment.

Stimulus Development Division (SDD) is committed to designing products. It's that simple. Our product developers only eat and sleep to escape the urge to build. They constantly monitor design and build advantage, rigorously scrutinizing global releases to ensure their development is both bleeding edge and virtually real-time in terms of application.

The SDD represents the best mix of highly dedicated genius graduates balanced with commercially successful designers' lead by experienced development managers.

Stimulus Systems Integration Division (SSID) is a team of expert professionals including developers, architects, consultants, subject matter experts, program and project managers.

SSID is guided by the Stimulus proprietary IT methodology, morphing the best components of the top performing methodologies available. The individuals in this team prove that the design, build, testing and implementation of projects to deliver a business initiative or a Stimulus built and integrated solution is simply nothing to be afraid of. Made-to-fit SDLC (software development life cycle) programs measure risk, manage cost and retain the highest level of quality to ensure our clients benefit through confident, informative and measured success.

SSID is served by over two decades of project and program management. experience. Stimulus, through SSID, provides the best solutions via interrogation, investigation, information and knowledge.

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