As our client list is growing weekly we will not be listing the clients we are servicing, instead we will be showcasing technology examples that we have implemented for our clients.


Java Server side - This screen is generated using a servlet. The servlet processes the request, reads the required data from a database of approx 100 million records and produces a gif image of the results. Click here to run.

Client side - This screen is an applet. The applet obtains its data from files generated daily by the server, this data is then used to construct the screens the applet shows. Click here to open.

Java script Client side - In almost every web site we create lies javascript. It is a fundamental building block in web sites. We use it to assist in building menu's, form data validation, image management, form management and the list goes on. Check out some of these web sites for examples of how we have used this technology.

Direct Ergonomics This is a very straight forward site based on templates and data from the clients inhouse system, menus are managed by third party components that are based on client side java scripting.

ASP - Active Server Pages Server side - If we know a web site will be run on a microsoft web server then we will invariably build the site to use ASP, whether it be simply to facilitate the sending of an email from a contact page or to enable a database based web site to operate, it is an invaluable tool.

The technologies listed above are the main ones we use to build web sites, we also have skills in other technologies such as PHP, perl, CGI - the list goes on and on.

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